Hello! I’m Saffron, and thank you for visiting my page. Whether you’re just beginning to learn more about holistic therapies or you want to develop your mindbody connection, I can help.

I’ve always found myself drawn to areas of Health and Wellbeing, directing my studies initially towards scientific approaches to the body and disease. But soon I realised there was something missing, and there is much more to health than the Western approach of treating/masking illness. Modern medicine has contributed greatly to our quality of life, but we face new pressures: mental health issues, societal disconnect, spiritual emptiness etc. And I believe that is where holistic therapies come into their own.

My path started with the physical body and movement, after realising how depleted I felt sitting most days. From the body, to the breath, and the stillness of mind that Yoga provided, I felt inspired to learn more about these healing practices which had such profound effects. Reiki healing found me when I needed it most, and released many energy blockages on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. Influenced by these experiences, I became a Reiki practitioner to share this incredible healing technique with others.