Crystal Healing


Crystals are naturally occurring objects mostly formed in the Earth’s surface, and come in various shapes, sizes and colours. All crystals are unique, and cannot be mass produced. Associations between crystals and their healing properties have been found in most ancient literatures including the Bible, Ayurvedic texts and Greek philosophy, yet we are still unable to explain with science how they work.

We know that crystals, like everything else in the Universe, vibrate at various frequencies. They can store energy, focus it, and transmit vibrations which change the vibrations of things around them. This is the principle of Crystal Healing.

When a client’s energy is out of balance this can manifest itself in negative thoughts, physical illness or emotional unrest. Using crystals over the associated Chakra points can help to restore the energetic vibrations to a balanced state, and clear any blockages that may have built up. The result is an improved quality of life and healing of the client on all levels.

During a session, a client can expect to feel comfortable and relaxed. We will begin with a consultation to discuss your concerns and desires for the session, and after laying down on the massage table I will guide you into a meditative state and begin to place crystals on and around the body.

Some benefits include: reduced stress, heal and relieve heavy emotions, feel revitalised when tired, reduce inflammation and pain, improve blood pressure, still the mind, and enhanced spiritual connection and awareness.