How Reiki can Alleviate Modern Stress

It’s no secret that we live a completely different lifestyle than previous generations. Fewer social interactions, living in smaller spaces whilst facing endless pressure to consume new things, and the message to work harder and make more money to purchase these things. This combination (and countless other factors) leave their mark on the individual, manifesting as physical, mental, and emotional fatigue or ailments.

The fight or flight response that once saved us from immediate danger is now triggered by tasks such as going out to a social occasion, receiving an ambiguous message from a loved one, or simply adopting a negative mindset. Reiki is incredibly useful for those wishing to become more grounded, calm, and aware. And awareness leads to self-understanding, being able to make sense of the world, and increased compassion to yourself and others.

Receiving your Reiki treatment in person or via distance healing can activate your energies for rest and recovery, clearing the above blockages and leaving you feeling connected, content and less susceptible to negative influence. Flooding the body and Chakras with Universal Energy allows you to intuitively take exactly what you need for your journey, and I simply act as the channel to focus this vibration.

After a session, I recommend taking some time to just be. Instead of jumping straight onto Twitter, why not grab a journal and describe your experience in totality. For my Distance Reiki clients, you will receive a personalised information leaflet with journal prompts, tips for maximising your session effectiveness, and recommended activities. To book this service, click here.