Using Reiki to Unblock the Chakras

Reiki is an extremely versatile healing tool, and perfect for addressing energy imbalances in the Chakras. Energy imbalances can show up as physical, emotional, or mental symptoms as each of the seven Chakras corresponds to specific states on all of the three levels. It is important to note that each of the Chakras can be over or under energised, and the symptoms displayed will reflect this finding.

An example is the Throat Chakra (Sanskrit term: Vishuddha). When this is overactive, physical symptoms include mouth and jaw problems such as inflammation. On the emotional and mental plane: arrogance, aggressive communication, and uncontrolled gossip are all common features. At the other end of the spectrum, an underactive or blocked Throat Chakra can manifest as weak immunity, feeling insecure or unable to communicate and connect with others.

There are numerous examples of blocked Chakras, which all boil down to an interruption to free flowing energy up and down the body. As Reiki is an energy channelling technique it is a great therapy to help push out blockages and bring balance back to the individual.

A trained Reiki Practitioner can use energy sweeps to measure the activity of the Chakras, or a dowsing technique with a pendulum. Once blockages or spikes in energy have been found and recorded, the full Chakra balancing Reiki session can begin. Reiki energy will always work for the clients greater good, and the hand positions over the Chakra centres allow the body to intuitively heal itself while the mind is experiencing ultimate relaxation.

When Reiki is performed, you will feel regenerated on all levels, and balanced in a way like no other. In order to continue this loving attention to yourself outside of the treatment room, your practitioner may give you some recommended reading and further exercises depending on your condition. Though one session of Reiki healing is enough to jumpstart your wellbeing journey, it is recommended that you make regular visits to see the full benefits of long-term healing and resilience in your day to day. Using Reiki to unblock your Chakras can be a life changing experience, so why wait?