What is Distance Reiki and How Does It Work?

Distance Reiki is the tech savvy cousin of traditional Reiki Healing. The concept has existed since Reiki was founded, and the use of modern technology allows a practitioner and client to connect via Skype, Facetime or telephone and channel healing energy for the clients greatest good.

In the second degree attunement, Reiki practitioners are given three symbols for different healing purposes. One of those is the distance symbol. When visualised or drawn in the air, this symbol projects healing Reiki energy across time and space. There really is no limit to how Reiki energy can be used, distance healing can be sent to multiple people at major events, or to a single person in need of relaxation and wellbeing. 

During a session you can expect to feel a wave of calmness descend over your body and mind. You can close your eyes, or lay down and allow any stress of the day to melt away. We will discuss your needs beforehand, and if there are any physical pains to address then I can focus the healing to the areas requested. Although it helps to focus distance Reiki healing if a practitioner can see or hear the recipient, it’s not always necessary. Arranging a mutual time via text or email is just as easy, the receiver does not even have to stop their activities to benefit from the energy healing.

Because Reiki energy can be sent across time and space – yes even to past or future events – it’s an extremely adaptable form of energy healing, yet still a powerful experience for the receiver. If you wish to send Reiki healing to your future self, perhaps to calm nerves during an exam or have some reassurance during pregnancy and labor you can request this in our session and I will channel the calming, healing energy to the event it is needed for.  

If you are ready to experience feelings of relaxation, enhanced awareness, reduced anxiety, and increased self worth, or have any questions about a distance Reiki session then feel free to contact me, I’d love to help you begin your Reiki journey.