What is Reiki? (Ray-key) Universal life Energy


Closely linked to the Chakra system, this hands on healing technique channels universal energy into the clients energy body, where blockages can present themselves as physical pain, emotional disturbances or mental uneasiness. 

During a Reiki healing session, the practitioner will act as a channel to connect the client to universal source energy, and place their hands over the Chakras and key areas of the body while the client is able to relax and receive the goodness of Reiki. 

For the client, Reiki can be felt in a number of sensations such as warmth, coldness, tingling, feeling calmer and centred, able to enter a meditative state, or alternatively no change may be identified, but just like many phenomena just because we cannot see or feel anything during an X-ray, does not mean that this energy has not passed through the body.

Reiki is a positive, energising experience and will only work for a clients greater good. People often comment how relaxing and comforting they find the experience, and it's not uncommon to fall into a deep slumber. Only one session is needed to begin to feel the benefits, though as Reiki is a cumulative therapy deeper healing is more likely to occur after a few sessions.

Distance Reiki 

Reiki can be sent across time and space, so a client and practitioner can arrange a mutually convenient time to hold a session via Skype or Facetime. The principle is the same, the client begins by settling themselves into a comfortable position and the practitioner sends healing energy to them. Distance Reiki can also be sent throughout the day without the client needing to do anything, the healing energy will be effective regardless.

1hr Distance Reiki Session - £35